Career Coaching Programs

Career Coaching Programs

Clarity and Confidence Program

During this program, we will work together with the goal to empower you to take control of your next step in your career.

Throughout this program we will work on providing you with the confidence and clarity you need to make your next career move. We will map out your short and long-term career goals and you will be equipped with my step-by-step approach to leverage your network and effectively advance on your job search process.

This career coaching program includes:

  • 10 highly personalized coaching sessions.
  • Resources, self-discovery exercises and templates to maximize your career exploration and job search strategy.
  • If appropriate, access to my network of ~3000+ professionals in different industries.
  • Access to me for brief questions via phone or email at any time.

Career Focus Program

Throughout this program we will work on providing you with the confidence you need to make your next career move.You will be equipped with a step-by-step approach to leverage your network and effectively advance on your job search process. We will also work on your personal brand and I will prepare you to be a “must-interview” candidate through a 60-minute mock interview.

This career coaching program includes:

  • 6 highly personalized coaching sessions
  • 2 one-on-one follow-up sessions after completion of the program
  • Resources, templates and personalized feedback to maximize your career planning/job search strategy.
  • If appropriate, access to my network of ~3000+ professionals in different industries.
  • Access to me for brief questions via phone or email at any time.

Career Growth Program

You are a new manager or you’ve been successful in your career so far, but you are unsure of where you’re headed. You need support navigating challenges in your workplace and you want to position yourself strongly for your next career move. You need a plan to move forward and you don’t know what are the best steps to take.

During the course of 6 months (12 sessions in total), we will work together towards:

  • Gaining a new sense of direction in your career.
  • Acquiring an enhanced awareness of what’s important to you in your career and life, your personal values and self-worth.
  • Unfolding steps you will need to take to accelerate your professional growth and leadership potential.

This career coaching program includes:

  • 12 highly personalized coaching sessions by-weekly.

  • Research-based exercises to help with self-reflection and development of a clear path.

  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment: a powerful tool to measure your EQ and develop specific goals to enhance your effectiveness at work. (Valued at $145 CAD).

  • 5-minute pre-call questionnaire to maximize the impact of our coaching sessions

  • Access to me for brief questions via phone or email at any time.


Career Coaching On-Demand

This is a high-impact 90-minute coaching session thought for those who need time-sensitive support on a specific career topic. During these sessions, you will receive personalized and strategic guidance that will help you walk away with an actionable plan.

Most typical topics include:

  • Mock Interview before an important job interview
  • Resume & Interview feedback
  • LinkedIn profile review & feedback
  • Networking & job search strategy 
  • Offer review and negotiation strategy support

Team Coaching & Workshops

In addition to the work I do with individuals, I specialize in empowering organizations committed to the professional growth and well-being of their employees.

Most typical topics include:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Managing Up to Accelerate Your Career
  • Preparing for Interviews for Internal Roles
  • Company Culture & Values

MBA Admission Support

If your goal is to accelerate your career by investing in additional education through an MBA program, you will need to be highly prepared to face competition to get into these prestigious schools.

As an Admission’s consultant for one of the Top Business Schools in North America, I have helped recruit hundreds of candidates to get into the MBA program. 

(Investment to be determined based on the number of schools to apply to)

Not finding the career coaching program that fits you?

Contact me to discuss how we can tailor a membership that fits what you need!

The Make an Impact Coaching Model

Analyze where you are, the challenges you are encountering in your job search, the support you need to get unstuck and the first steps you will take towards your career goals.

Uncover who you are, what your strengths are, what you want to achieve and what you need from your career to feel fulfilled.

Identify the careers and roles that align with your strengths and your ideal work environment.

Connect the dots between your transferable skills and experiences and potential new roles.

Explore and analyze the job markets that interest you. Maybe you can pursue a promotion or a lateral move. Let’s explore what’s possible!

Develop a networking and targeted job search strategy; learn how to follow up and keep the momentum going.
Did you know 80% of jobs are found through networking?
Based on your strengths and attributes, I will provide you with the tools you need to get you out there and tap into the “hidden-job market”.

Design a powerful career map with goal setting and guidance at every step.

Get some candid feedback on your resume. I will help you tailor it towards the job opportunities you’ve identified. Most importantly, you will learn how to customize your document yourself for your future career moves.

How can you set yourself apart from the competition with a cover letter? We’ll use best practice to create a document that stands out. I will provide you guidance, feedback and a final review.

How is your LinkedIn profile? Most importantly, how can you use LinkedIn to enhance your visibility in your job search process? I will share some tips and tricks used by recruiters and I will help you craft a profile that positions you as their ideal candidate.

Are you ready to make an impression during a job interview? How do you prepare to make a lasting impression? I’ve got you covered!

Practice leads to excellent performance. Get insights into how to effectively prepare for a job interview tailored to your specific career interests. This is where my recruiting background comes in very handy. I’ll provide you with an insider’s scoop on what employers want to see during a job interview.

Based on a specific role you want to target, we will practice with a 60-minute mock interview. I will provide you with actionable feedback and valuable tips for a strong interview, plus guidance on how and when to follow-up with your interviewer.

How do you negotiate your offer? When it comes to Offer Negotiation, you need to be confident and prepared to get the most out of the process. This single step will help you start your new role on a solid footing and make a great impression on your new employer. I will provide you with tips & resources that will guide you and support you in this process.

How do you keep your momentum going and successfully navigate your first 90 days in your new role? Let’s prep you to sustain the great impression you created during your interviews.