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Becky Potvin
Becky Potvin
Elena is an experienced career coach with a background in recruiting, which means she not only helps her clients determine their path forward, she also has the industry knowledge to provide the inside scoop from the other side of the recruitment process. Elena is also trained to help clients navigate the sometimes heavy emotions that come along with developing or revisiting your career strategy. She truly wants the best outcome for her clients and she coaches using and approach which is both empathetic and direct.
Veronica Vinje
Veronica Vinje
I met Elena via a referral from a friend. She was very professional, diligent and focused in her approach. I also want to thank Elena for her personal integrity and compassion during a challenging time. If you are willing to commit to her process and do the work, you will get the help you seek.
Jonathan Brodie
Jonathan Brodie
Elena was very helpful working with me to define a purposeful mission statement with career goals that were aligned with my personal values and newly discovered natural strengths
Ke Ng
Ke Ng
I'm very grateful to have connected with Elena as my first Career Coach! Elena tailored our coaching journey to my needs, and provided valuable tools and resources. Her flexibility and genuine concern for my well-being, rather than just my success, were evident when I requested mid-journey changes. She offered both encouragement and constructive advice, which helped me gain confidence in my abilities and take the initiative to embrace new challenges. I highly recommend Elena for anyone looking to advance their career development :)
Janelle S
Janelle S
I consider myself fortunate to have connected with Elena at just the right time, when I needed guidance to make crucial career decisions. I've worked with coaches before and I am convinced that there must be a balance of practicality and empathetic energy. I got that from Elena. She was mindful of the investment that I had made, and careful to achieve the goals that we set or to pivot to fulfill my needs. Elena has her process but she gave me the space to define what I wanted to accomplish every time we worked together. I really appreciated her knowledge of the BC work environment and the tools and tips that she shared with me. Finally, her insights on resume and cover letter writing were stellar. Time and investment well spent. Thank you Elena!
Bill Wu
Bill Wu
Elena helped me develop a coherent story about my life, both professionally and personally, by bringing together my values, strengths, and past experiences. Her wealth of knowledge in career coaching allowed for insightful advice at the most opportune time during my job search efforts. She is personable, grounded, and willing to listen whenever I come across a hurdle. I was able to successfully transition from solopreneur to a desirable corporate position in less than 2 months.
Alona Fedjko
Alona Fedjko
I hired Elena to invest in my professional growth, and it was one of the best decisions I made. Throughout our partnership, Elena provided invaluable support and guidance across various aspects of my development. From facilitating an Emotional Intelligence assessment to boosting my confidence in my role, her insights and feedback were truly transformative. One area where Elena particularly excels is in preparing clients for job interviews, reviewing resumes, and delivering professional presentations. Her expertise and knowledge in these areas are unparalleled. With her help, I felt fully equipped to tackle any career challenge that came my way. What sets Elena apart is her genuine investment in her clients' success. She truly cares about their progress and goes above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction. Working with Elena is an absolute pleasure, as her passion and dedication shine through in every interaction. If you are searching for a trusted career coach who can guide you on your professional journey, I wholeheartedly recommend Elena. She has the expertise, the empathy, and the drive to help you achieve your career goals.
Andrea Jacob
Andrea Jacob
When changing careers or looking for a job it is so valuable knowing that someone is in your corner. The ultimate support with so much expertise and heart. Absolutely recommend!
Adrienne Au
Adrienne Au
I am very fortunate to have Elena as my coach during one of my darkest period when I am overwhelmed with self-doubt and uncertainties. Elena's expertise helped guide me back to the light and I am feeling more confident than ever that the best is yet to come. If you find yourself feeling stuck and unsure about your next career move, I wholeheartedly recommend Elena's services. Not only will she provide you with clarity and confidence, but she will also be your biggest cheerleader, supporting you every step of the way.
I contacted Elena to get advice on how to better showcase my skills and experience for a career change and she helped me improve how I presented myself to possible employers. She is sharp, knowledgeable, and focused on helping you get the results you want. I had a great experience working with Elena.

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Elena helped bring clarity, focus and direction.

“Elena helped bring clarity, focus and direction. Leading a team is difficult at the best of times, but trying to do so in the middle of a pandemic adds several more layers. In helping me, she essentially helped my team by making me a stronger, more understanding, empathetic and driven leader.”
Liesel Unger
Director, National Sales

I feel strengthened in my confidence and well prepared for my new position!

“Elena is an excellent coach who guided me beyond the approach I thought I should take. I contracted her to coach me in a career change decision, and in current standards of the job application process. I had in mind updating my resume and cover letter. (I might have been an unusual client because I am older and had already had a long career as a self-employed business owner. Now I was considering returning to being an employee; often it happens the other way around.) But she guided me in more ways than in the details of the application; she helped me review my career to date, identify my accomplishments and my personal vision, and to set high level goals for the future. I feel strengthened in my confidence and well prepared for my new position!”
Sigrid Albert
Department Head, Digital Media Design

I am thrilled about this new chapter in my career!

“I am happy to announce that I have accepted an offer with Amazon in the role of IT Manager. I want to thank Elena Giorgetti, my career coach, for supporting me through the interview and negotiation process with mastery: her effective feedback and coaching expertise are also the reason I successfully landed this role. I am thrilled about this new chapter in my career and look forward to joining such an innovative and great organization such as Amazon. Thanks again Elena for all your help!”
Kaushal Jariwala
Program Manager, AWS Backbone Network

I feel so much more confident in my ability to make decisions.

“I contacted Elena because I felt unclear about my next career steps and overwhelmed by the prospect of making a change. She really helped me narrow my focus so that I could concentrate on what I really wanted, rather than the things I didn’t want. She always asked amazing questions that really caused me to dig deeper into what I was looking for, and created a friendly environment for me to ask questions and be honest. Plus she had great practical advice for job searching, applications, and interviewing. I would recommend Elena to people who want to make a change but have no idea where to start. I feel so much more confident in my ability to make decisions, and less overwhelmed by all the “what-ifs” that come along with making changes.”
Ellen Black
Retail Operations Manager

The experience was “work” and certainly worth it!

“I contacted Elena Giorgetti at “Make an Impact Career Coaching” for support with the initial stages of a career change. Elena helped me by guiding me with information, and also useful tips and exercises that encouraged a revaluation of my skill-set and of my professional aspirations. Our work allowed important self-reflection regarding my personal values and career interests. The outcome was overwhelmingly positive. I gained a greater understanding of my professional identity, and gained confidence in the way I approach job searches. The experience was “work” and certainly worth it!”
Aurora Dominici
Consulate General of Italy Clerk

After our sessions I was able to identify a clear path.

I contacted Elena Giorgetti at “Make an Impact Career Coaching” because I wanted to figure out what would help me feel fulfilled within a career. I was at a point in my life where I experienced a wide range of roles, but nothing truly felt right, and I wanted to uncover what would help me fill that space. Elena helped me discover what I’m really looking for and what I value. She was able to guide me on how to uncover necessary information regarding achieving a career I truly wanted. After our sessions I was able to identify a clear path that would lead me towards achieving the goal that I set for myself. What really worked for me was figuring out what I valued and aligning it to potential roles and companies, as well as connecting to people within similar roles to learn more about that space. The experience was enlightening. Sometimes the answer can be in front of your face and you don’t even know it. Elena will not give you the answer but will work side by side with you and give you the necessary tools and support to find what you are looking for. I would not recommend Elena to someone who is not ready to put in the work towards fixing the problem they are facing. I would recommend Elena to someone who is ready to start a new chapter in their lives and who is motivated to take a proactive step towards developing a career plan. She is dedicated to her clients and is passionate at what she does, and she will work alongside you to help you reach your goals. I would definitely work with her again!
Dalynn W.
HR & Recruitment Specialist

Elena was great at listening and helping me process challenges.

Elena helped me by articulating my values and my strengths to apply to various career paths. She was great at listening and helping me process challenges I was facing at my current work and how to move forward with other opportunities. She was very adaptable, communicative and flexible to my needs and was willing to come prepared to different kind of sessions when asked. I would highly recommend Elena to anyone feeling stuck in their current job and wanting support to figure out a change. ​
Ella K.

Elena was my coach at a major crossroads in my life

Elena Giorgetti was my coach at a major crossroads in my life. She helped me successfully navigate a career change that has allowed me to combine a healthier and happier work-life synergy. I would highly recommend Elena for her thoughtful and empathetic approach to coaching. She knows when to ask tough questions, and when to leave space for thoughtful reflection. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her!
Catherine W.
Marketing Director

I finally landed my dream job!

I contacted Elena Giorgetti at “Make an Impact Career Coaching” because I was feeling stuck. I had been trying for some time to make a career transition on my own and realized I needed some expert help. Elena helped me by giving me the structure I needed to clearly articulate my value, providing expert direction on where to focus my energy and holding me accountable to the goals I set for myself. I achieved more in two months working with Elena than I could have in two years on my own.
The outcome was I finally landed my dream job! The experience was life changing. I would recommend Elena Giorgetti at Make an Impact Career Coaching to people who want results! Also to those who want to get unstuck, to broaden their career horizons and to do work that matters.
Lucy J.
Program Manager

She equipped me with the tools I needed to feel confident putting myself forward for a range of roles in different sectors

After moving to Vancouver from the UK, I needed help to understand the local job market and Canadian recruitment norms. Elena took a genuine interest in my situation and tailored a series of sessions to meet my needs. She brought a wealth of professional and personal experience and equipped me with the tools and knowledge I needed to feel confident putting myself forward for a range of roles in different sectors. I had expected I would have to compromise with my first job in Canada, but after my sessions with Elena I was able to secure a role with my preferred employer that was an excellent match for my skills. If you aren't sure what your next steps need to be, I am confident that Elena will be able to help you find a way forward.
Becci V.
Research Development Associate