How to Negotiate Your Job Offer

This week one of my clients got a job offer, amazing news!

You know what’s even greater than that? They negotiated their offer.

When working with clients, I spend time explaining how important it is to negotiate.

So, when do you negotiate an offer? How do you ask for more? How do handle the entire process?

We know from stats that women, in particular, do not negotiate as often as their their male counterparts. (Read this here for more background about this topic).  As a woman myself, when I started my career – and even years later – I never negotiated my offers. I didn’t know how to do it and I was scared of doing it!  
Why don’t we negotiate? Self-confidence, fear of rejection, and self-worth are some of the root causes that hold us back.

Here’s five bullet-proof tips for you when negotiating an offer:

  • Start by asking questions on relevant aspects of the offer
  • Consider the whole offer and not just the salary component
  • Do your research to help you understand what’s fair to ask for
  • Be ready to explain why you are worth more and to back it up with evidence (hint: it will ultimately benefit your employer!)
  • Prepare, be bold and just do it! 

Get this: candidates who negotiate their offers are perceived as more valuable and more confident than those that don’t!
Need help negotiating a job offer? Contact me and I will be happy to answer questions on when, how and what to do during for your next offer negotiation.

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Elena Giorgetti

Elena Giorgetti

Elena Giorgetti is the founder of Make an Impact Career Coaching and a Certified Organizational Coach with a PCC credential from ICF.

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